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Just Plain Tired

The nonchalance of the baby sitter is actually perplexing, and interesting. But now I'm thinking all bedding needs laundered here, but will wait until morning to reconsider this action. Maybe I'll just sleep on the couch though. ;)

Flawless Mom

Oh my god. I'm impressed that you were calm enough to text people before "project house burning" began. I would've cried in a ball for three hours. On the grass out front, away from the bedding. You'll get over it soon. Until then, take something to fall asleep. At least you got an awesome and hilarious post out of it! And a lot of sparkly sheets. Friggin' moths.

Crazy Lady

Oh gosh!! I was expecting something MUCH worse.. So glad your daughter didn't have worms!! (yes, I have heard of that and thankfully been spared!)


Qudos to the babysitter for picking them up. I would of just freaked. I'm now off to check my beds :)


So I guess Grams smelling like moth balls all the time wasn't all for naught.


Ok for one thing I was completely freaking with you. For another, we had a teeny wiggly worm issue last friday that I flipped off about. I still haven't recovered.


OMG That sound shorrible. I too would be feeling worms on me all night long. So sorry for that. Who knew? This is exactly why I love to read blogs, I swear I learn so much.


I am still stuck on the fact that you have a 20 something babysitter. You must be Angelina Jolie.

My skin is crawling now. Euw!

Megan (Best of Fates)

Things you have learned:
1) You have an awesome babysitter.
2) Moths are evil, devilish creatures that should be exterminated en mass.
3) You're hilarious.
4) You probably already know three, but it's always good to be reminded.


Moths are devil spawn. Ever have pantry moths? OMG. Got them from a WHOLE FOODS too! I can't even tell you what I had to go through to get rid of them. Can't believe my pantry contains any dry goods at all after that. Glad you figured it out before you became the moth house.


That makes me want to go and burn my new peacoat because it's wool. Ewww.. EEWW!!!!!


I'd much rather my bed have worms than my daughter have worms! Yeegads! Glad you got to the bottom of that. Thank you for sharing. I feel I'll be better able to handle it if/when worms show up at our home.
The cats and their in & out behavior have no doubt let in a moth or two!

Alexandra/The Empress

Another reason to love, sadly, this is me: scream yell, grab the phone, throw a chair out the window and yell fire, THEN I stop and think about what I should do.

You are wonderful to me.


I love the way you wrote this! And I would be freaking out, too. In fact, I am going to go and wash my bedding RIGHT NOW.

(I just found you through a retweet by @GDRPempress, who has incredible taste in bloggers)


So much better than actually having worms. Those are VERY common in young children and are VERY contagious. Easy to get rid of, but still not cool. Moths are much better. :)


Oh ew, ew, ew. I probably would have lit that mattress up in the middle of the driveway in a large bonfire. Actually I'm shopping for a twin mattress for my 3 year old and considering latex foam since it is antimicrobial and repels bed bugs. But they cost and arm and a leg! I mean, I'm torn...contribute to her college fund or drop a grand on a mattress? She may have to suffer with a plain old spring mattress.



Your reaction would have been mine expect I would have burned all things and then called for back up.


Oh My Word, I would have freaked out too. Reminds me of when I worked at a preschool (very nice rich preschool) and one of the kids had worms. It was so gross I wanted to sleep in bleach for the next month. This was before I ever had kids. Which made it worse.


You've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award! Come over and see!

Kirsten (Results Not Typical Girl)

i seriously tried to subscribe, but it went all html bulimic on me. scared me more than the saw movies. and i may have tinkled. sorry bout that.

itchy bumps

Your way of writing posts is very much appreciated, I have bookmarked this your blog.


I feel so ITCHY I just discovered tiny little worms in my bed and came across your post....yuck, I am not too sure how long I have been sleeping wit them. I know I've seen moths in my house so it makes sence. I have sprayed my room and all laundry is in the wash...I feel invaded. Thanks for your post...will they go away?

Lisa Alarcon

Thanks for the cool blog!! SO grateful for moms and dads blogging....Question: Exactly what color were they?? I've just recovered from a freak out cleaning spree today in my girl's room ..I found several wriggly, very thin blackish worms..thin as can be, almost hairlike..They curled up when i touched them and I'm almost positive that they're moth larvae as you've explained so well..She does have a lot of pillows and things and i found them under the lowest pillow..of course i change the sheets weekly!! Planning to get rid of older stuffed animals because the moths love them for egg laying as well!.UGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
...Anyhow,.Just want to know what color yours were...Thanks!:)


Please tell us how you got rid of them. Did you wash everything in bleach?


Dianne brown

Off to super hot wash all sheets and blankets and to steam clean the closet, Thanks for all this info got me feeling jittery but ima gonna feel much better later after this project. I mean I don't have any that I know of but just in case. Ima almost feeling like getting vaccum sealed bags to store my winter and summer blankies in, hmmm actually maybe that's a good idea.

See you down at Walmart ! Lol

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