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Wow, Thanks Tina! I can tell you were thinking EXACTLY of me when you wrote that...except that I don't have any dildos to give you, and no one is sending me free products to "test" (btw - if you're done with those duct cleaning coupons, can you send one my way? My ducts are in desperate need, and I simiply can't stomach full price!)

And not to worry...AS SOON as I get my Jackson Triggs sponsorship (coming any day, I'm sure) you can come over to play some drinking games!

Thanks for the laugh! Keep it up - I will read yours religiously :)


ROFLOL!! HILARIUS!! And Oh so true.. I feel so guilty now...


Hey there. I'm also new to blogging and its a funny world out there. There are times that I feel like Alice and that I fell through the rabbit hole!! Great letter!


What a great post! See unlike your husband mine never thows the bags out...

Tiffany Noth

I'm so glad you're enjoying the mom blogosphere!!!! So glad to have you on Bloggy Moms :)


You are a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere. If I had a vibrator to give away, you would win, but I don't so instead you'll just have to accept my silent applause (I'm stuck in a cube at work, worse than a bathroom at home).

Keri Pugh

Thanks for the laugh on this...sometimes, my thoughts exactly! The blogosphere has certainly been eye-opening!


Funny! I'm totally going to rig our next sex toy giveaway so you win. Right after I get my Vodka sponsorship. (Come drinks with us! We do margaritas too!)


Ok, hello, big announcement acomin':

Wild, wild letter...I love it.

And, yes, it's bloggers like you that make the case for my children to be taken away from them due to neglect, and uninhabitable conditons.

Let me do mah housework already, woman.



Off the Prozac, thanks to you. xo

and a puffy heart, too.

Alexandra/The Empress

Hey, I'm really dense and stuff. How do you know the above comment and this one are from me??? I tried to sign in but it said I was invalid and nonexistent.

Nice, I know.

Anyway, my name is Alexandra and my website is www.gooddayregularpeople.com

I am going to tweet the heck out of you (is your husband jealous?)


“I am giving away VVVIIIBRRAATORS LAAADIES” Can I use this for my holiday masthead?


Vibrators? No wonder I don't participate in momblog giveaways.

This was hilarious!


I wash my Zoloft down with tequila which may explain why a) I don't keep my blog up any more, b) I don't care.

Funny post!

Mrs. B.

That was brilliant! A bit of cheek is always a good thing, and wrapping it up with those heartfelt thoughts was great! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading more of your blog-as soon as I can find some time to lock myself in the bathroom again!

BalancingMama (Julie)

Very funny. Visiting from a re-tweet I saw. You already get more comments than I do! Good job :)


OMG, that is hilarious! I love it.

Brooke Farmer

This was hysterical! Thanks so much for the lunchtime laughs! I'm a mom and I blog but this really isn't addressed to me because I don't blog much about mommyhood. (I started mine after my son left to live with his dad.) Loved this though, even if it wasn't to me. It was like opening the boyfriends email inbox to read something written to him, except without the crazy, jealous motivating factor.

Or maybe there was a crazy jealous motivating factor. Because I totally wish this letter was addressed to me.

Allison @ Alli n Son

Hee, hee, I love this!

Robin (noteverstill)

Awesome. Welcome to the madhouse!!

Elizabeth Flora Ross

Thank you for my hearty dose of laughter for the day. Much needed. Better than any medicine. Fantastic post!


I totally won a sex toy giveaway once, got drunk and blogged about it. Absolute truth right there.


Totally laughing with the first sentence - I had just pushed the lock when the link went through. No lie. You know (us) so well!!!

Can't wait to get to know you. As soon as NaNoWriMo is blessedly done.

Welcome! (clink)

Average Girl

Hello there -- I was sent here by your new stalker, the Empress Alexandra, above. You definitely want her on your side.

Loved your post, because I feel the same way. I promise my readers sooooooo much less than you've listed. I like to think that I help other bloggers feel better about themselves. ;)

Melissa (Confessions of a Dr.Mom)

This is hilarious! Welcome to blogland :) It seems you will do just fine and I too was sent over by the Empress. She really is the Queen of blogland :)

Have fun and i'm looking forward to reading!


Well said, indeed!

Welcome to Blogland and all it's craziness!

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