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I love the part where you googled divorced attornys! After the first 80 parties I've learned...bday kid picks dinner, family has a cake, and then a few gifts. Done! Easy! And if anything gets mucked up it's just your family anyway, so no presure.


Funny, funny, funny!! But, on a serious note, you should know that making creative birthday cakes is very, very bad for your health. With the influx of cake/baked good themed shows, I believe that cake making and decorating has become far too mainstream. It is not as easy as it looks and should really only be attempted by professionals.

Now, proceed to the store and BUY a beautiful cake for your son. Psst...he'll never know.

Happy Birthday to your little one!


I would totally help you. Do you have any friends that might have left over stuff from a party? Don't dismiss a store bought cake with his face spray painted on it. Always a winner. Just get some balloons to spread around. Have the cake be the centerpiece. Have a "1" balloon above the cake. It's not the decor that makes the party. It's the people. He's too young to care so you have that going for you. Wait until he's 2 to show off.


Funny! Your blog totally cracks me up! Before I started reading, I saw the cake and cupcakes and thought " I could relate to her, but this throws it off a bit" and then I kept reading. Whew, that was a close one!


In this order;
Purchase cake
Clean the toilet
Provide cocktails & juice boxes as appropriate.

Deanna Piercy

My kids learned early on that they had two choices. A decorated store-bought cake or an undecorated (or do M&Ms scattered on top count as decoration?)homemade cake that tastes good. Believe it or not, they consistently chose the homemade cake sans decorations.

I think birthday parties have gotten way out of hand. We recently attended what I consider to be the perfect party. Family, a handful of close friends of the birthday boy, a few simple decorations, a homemade cake (made and decorated by the father who did a really good job), several delivered pizzas and simple gifts. The 11 year old birthday boy seemed pleased and it was a fun and relaxed event for everyone.


Damn those hot sitters! They are bad for our egos! Good luck this week!

lisa @boondockramblings

Hilarious! I think I would have looked up the divorce attorney too. I look for the ugliest babysitters I can find. Truly! :-)

Megan (Best of Fates)

That sounds like how all my plans go - huge in the lead up but then I discover I've done nothing the it's time to have everything ready! But I don't know, I've never been to a party with a cake jumper, that could be quite the talk of the town!


Ha! Just wait till he starts making party requests...I thought I could get away with the store bought cakes for at least a few years yet, until my son requested a "rockstar dinosaur birthday party" for his third birthday. I wanted to say, "Ahem...let me introduce you to your mother!" Good lord!

Hope you made it through ok :)

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