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What a great story! Dads can be quite heroic when needed!


I just think its hilarious that your daughter was gonna call the Pacifier! Glad your lil pumpkin is free.

Flawless Mom

It is in moments like that where a mom is on the edge of sanity. Sounds like you handled it pretty damn well. I love the, "I really miss my brother". Because THAT'S the kind of drama you needed at that moment!

Nice work. AND you taught your kids something about "teamwork" and "cooperation". And how, when all else fails, sometimes you have to call in the big guns. Nothing wrong with that. Right?


Awesome. I do like to believe I could be supermommy in this situation and have the door off the hinges in no time flat. BUt the howling of one baby and the singing of another might just make me go into another closet and close the door on myself. It's nice to see you back, by the way. You had made it all the way to the bottom of my blogroll because you haven't updated in so long!!


The cheese slice was what got me. I'd be the same way, "Hmm, what's in the fridge that I can slide under the door here?" ; )

Alexandra/The Empress

Heehee...benadryl for the swollen head.

Missed you, girl.

Deanna Piercy

So funny...in retrospect, right? When my youngest was about 18 months old we took a family trip to Branson, Missouri. We were staying in a condo and I swear, we hadn't been there 5 minutes before she managed to lock herself in one of the bedrooms. Fortunately my husband was able to remove the door before there were any tears. We then drove to Walmart where I purchased one of those childproof door knob thingies to prevent it from happening again.

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