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I plan on using these answers all the time!


My stomach muscles hurt from laughing at #4! I wonder if that counts as crunches?


Sigh so wonderful. I will resend to all the skinny quinoa moms that lurk in my Neighbourhood. 3 in the bed you are my hero:). Www.4amblogger.com

jackson physician

Made me laugh hard. But these are facts.


So funny! Congratulations on your post at Humor Press. Will check it out, too!


The quinoa is killing me. Kill-ing me.


Number 1...I've claimed it. It's mine. DON'T TOUCH!

Funny, as always, but I must admit: I love quinoa. I made a lovely quinoa dish for breakfast the other morning (no, I'm not being sarcastic, I really did) that my husband left out, then threw in the garbage. I almost ate HIM for the offense! He's still not allowed back in the house.


You are unfairly and fantastically funny.

Monica Parlee

I'm still laughing!!!! I'm from New Brunswick and I'm trying to follow as many of my fellow Canadian bloggers as possible. I’m now your newest follower on GFC. Hope you have a chance to check out my blog, have a look around and maybe follow me back!!

kim sisto robinson

~~~I'll split that brownie with ya :) xx


Ok, you have totally won me over.. not because you're hysterically funny, (which you are) but because, I LOVE "thinderella" and now must use it until my friends and family grow sick of it. ;)


I CAN'T believe that the skinny moms came to your blog to complain! LOL. That is so funny. Great post, going to read more now. Just found your blog and glad I did.


first time here.
like it!! :))

Hirshel Donnelly

LOL! Those are the answers, girl! I like what you mentioned in #2, hehe… Some moms might as well answer the same things. Not to mention they can add more depending on what experiences they have had in their lives. ;)

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