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It's like you're looking in my fridge! Skim dairy milk for hubby, soy for the boy and rice for Lauren and me. When the soy goes on sale I can bare get the fridge closed! But at least everyone sleeps at night...


Too funny!! I suppose the four varieties of milk are just preparing you for making three different dinners for each picky eater (while you eat the leftovers), and carting children off to five different after-school activities at varying times. No amount of lists and daily planners will get us through the insanity.


For your sake and sanity, I am sure it's better to purchase all that lactose free milk than to cope with now three lactose intolerant people in the household! As if it was'nt bad enought with my son :):)


We discovered my husband was lactose intolerant the night he had a latte before a live performance of Les Miserables. Let's just say the guy sitting next to him did NOT come back after intermission.
He drinks lactose-free non-fat.
My son drinks organic, regular non-fat.
I drink almond. I don't know why. I have no dairy issues at all.
Three separate cartons. I feel you, sister.

Alexandra/The Empress


A post from you.

You kill me:

we are a dairy free home, all soy.

Not by choice: by allergy.

And my little bitty bottom part of the fridge is mine: cheese, itty bitty milk cartons: to prevent mama's osteoporosis.

You are wonderful.

dusty earth mother

Hilarious! And thanks for tweeting with me while I was stuck in Phoenix. You made the hours go by like... well... less hours. xxoo


I'm dairy free by a force greater than me called a Dairy Allergy. I got it to glitter up my 10 other food allergies, all of which have cropped up in the last two years and all of which are to my most very favorite foods. Pretty soon I'll be forced to be an epiphyte.

PS - Coconut milk is far superior in taste to Soy or Almond milk if anybody is looking for a non dairy milk that won't invoke the gag reflex.

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