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Ha! Awesome. My son's very first outing when he was a newborn was to an Irish pub to celebrate my birthday. We propped him up in his carseat next to a pint of Guinness for a photo, just like yours. I'm sure he'll get a kick out of it when he's in college.


Haha - I LOVE THIS. You know I for one would believe all of your stories if they were blogged about along with this type of photographic evidence. Maybe you should just take more pictures? Please write more stories about your life. Oh and add pictures:)


My mom left me in a bar when I was a baby so....you totally win on this one.

Twisted Susan

A healthy dose of blogger's paranoia will always steer you straight.

itchy bumps

I was two year old, my mom left me in a bar, I dont know who is my mom.

Auping Actie

Haha nice picture for the teenage years indeed! I don't think the soccer match was very thrilling though ;-)

Hastens actie

Wauw, what nice to see a photo of your "first" Guinness haha. I can't remember mine, such a shame.

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